NBA Redesign

I am a sports enthusiast that is why I made a new design (redesign) for The National Basketball Association. I also played a bit with the interaction of the website, the interaction I have made with Adobe After Effects. Because I had never made real interactions myself, I wanted to try this. I especially chose this NBA Redesign project because the current website can use some attention. The user experience of the website could be much better.

Cleaner navigation

Change is scary, but the website does not follow the current trend. Websites such as the Premier League or National Hockey League are much easier to navigate. Everything can be viewed at a glance. Most people come to the website to view the results or see which matches are going to be played. I have also chosen to place a few news items on the homepage. This because of course you want to know what happens in the NBA.

Interaction Design

I have made the interaction of the design so that a developer can continue with it, because a good product does not need to be explained with a manual.

  1. Interaction design defines the structure and behaviors of interactive products and services, and user interactions with those products and services.
  2. Good interaction design effectively communicates a system’s interactivity and functionality, defines behaviors that communicate a system’s responses to user interactions, reveals both simple and complex workflows, informs users about system state changes, and prevents user error.
  3. Interaction design is grounded in an understanding of real users (goals, tasks, experiences, needs, and wants) and balances these needs with business goals and technological capabilities.